Card Games – Are they the best for you?

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            If you love games, especially card games that are not very familiar to you, and you want to play them online, then you got to check out the game Andar Bahar. If you live in India you may be very familiar with this game, but to the ones who do not know about well let me tell you more about it.

What is this game?

            So this game is one of the oldest games in India, it originated in Bangalore, and is most commonly referred to as Katti. So this game uses a normal card pack, and it’s a fairly simple game as the odds of winning and losing are 50/50. So if you think about it, it’s pretty risky.

How do you play?

            It is not that hard to play and can be learned in a few minutes. The objective of this card game is to guess which side a selected card will land on. Here a betting place will be chosen and the dealer will place a card there, then will deal cards faced up to the left, right and middle. And when a card matches the values in the middle the game is over. So before all of the players will have to decide which side the game will end on.

How to win?

            With a few tips and tricks you can win this card game easily. Now this is purely a guessing game, so the best thing to do is go with your gut. And if that works out for you then you’re lucky. There really isn’t a way to win, it all on luck.